db Eats: Lyon’s Seafood & Wine Bar

db's Phoebe French heads to Lyon's Seafood & Wine Bar in Crouch End for a scintillating stonebass tartare, flecked with flying fish roe, a miso-marinated fish collar and a decadent barley risotto flavoured with celeriac, hazelnut and bone marrow.

Hoppers to open third site in King’s Cross

Sri Lankan pancake specialist Hoppers, run by Bao and Gymkhana founders Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina Sethi, is to open a third site in King’s Cross next February.

db Eats: The Grill at The Dorchester

db’s resident gourmand, Lucy Shaw, indulges in one of the most decadent dinners of her life at The Dorchester’s new look Grill, where she is charmed by a lobster thermidor tart.

Top wines in London restaurants by region

Using data compiled by Wine Picker, the drinks business presents the top 15 wine regions represented on London's wine lists, with the Old World still exerting significant influence.

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