The app that showcases positive reviews only

A new app has launched this year that focuses solely on positive bar and restaurant reviews in an effort to build a "positive community in a world driven by negativity".

WSTA: blockchain tech could ‘transform’ the UK wine and spirit industry, but government must act now

New 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' technology could transform the UK wine and spirit industry, paving the way for reduced trade friction, a seemless supply chain and more information for consumers, Lord Holmes of Richmond told the WSTA conference - but the government must act now.

App developed to help whisky lovers find the perfect dram

A Japanese IT company has launched an 'electronic menu' for whisky to help drinkers identify drams that are to their liking based on their preferred flavours.

Smartphones can tell if you’re drunk by changes in walking

A new study has found that smartphones are capable of recognising when people have had too much to drink by using sensors to detect changes in walking. 

Top 10 apps for wine lovers

April 2nd, 2019

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